The challenges for this group will be on haitus at least until SciFi starts playing episodes in the US. Any ideas for improvement or offers to help will be appreciated. In the mean time, always feel welcome to post your shippy drabbles here, whether you wrote them for another group or just for fun.

Atlantis challenge: Page 155

I had way too much fun doing a challenge like this on another group; so I'm spreading the love.

Grab a book, and turn to page 155. (This is across the page from the Sam/Jack challenge.) Pick a sentence, and write it into a drabble.

Have a lot of books on your bookshelf? Write a string of drabbles, each starring a line from a different book. Then, at the end, tell us where the quotes came from.

Speaking of love, it's not too early to start writing those Valentine's Day-themed drabbles. Let's make this haitus something to enjoy, and remember that you can post drabbles here that you wrote for other stuff, too.

Atlantis Ship Drabble Challenge

Our Atlantis drabble challenge for the week is walking.

It's a lovely romantic activity that may be engaged in offworld or in the city. With February starting this week, it might be just the right time to gear this group up for Valentine's Day :)

Challenge: Snow

We just had a successful Snow challenge over at SJ100, and I'm hoping for a repeat performance over here. Where does it snow in the Pegasus galaxy? Does Ronan have childhood memories of snow? Will Teyla see it for the first time on Earth? Maybe two Earth natives will reminisce together.

Challenge: Book or Game

A passage in a book reminds her of him.

They play a game together.

The drabble can be about the object of the book itself, or inspired by a title or quotation.

The game may be played on a board or a more physical arena.

Write a drabble about your Atlantian ship of choice, and cut for season 3 or 4 spoilers, please :)

All Alone in the Night

This challange is a blatant ripoff of what another drabble group is doing this week, but I couldn't resist. I always love the "inspired by episode titles" challenges, and this week, it's Babylon 5.

For a full list of titles:
(just scroll down past the cast list)


So, um, I know I'm always threatening this group with haitus, but I'm starting a new job next week, the comm seems like a bit more effort than it's worth right now. I'm always open to a co-mod or any suggestions. Either way, how about we rise to this challenge!