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This is a drabble group for those who watch Stargate: Atlantis and see the 'ship.

For the purpose of this group, 'ship can be any male/female combination on the show. I know some 'ships are more popular than others, but we should be friendly to all shippers whether we agree with them or not. (I'll add more ships to the "interests" category as they come up.) A certain ammount of crossover between SG-1 will be allowed (such as McKay/Carter or Weir/Daniel), but the focus of the group is Atlantis.

A drabble is exactly 100 words. I don't think anyone is counting, but if it's obviously longer or shorter, I may call you on it. I'd like to keep the spirit of this group light and fun, but that is one of the few things I will insist upon.

I'd like to encourage everyone in the group to post all drabbles under cut tags, but it is only required if the drabble is rated above a teenage level or has spoilers for season 2. CUT FOR ANY SEASON 2 SPOILERS, please.

This group is not affiliated with any other Atlantis group. I also happen to co-maintain SJ100, and I'm open to getting a co-mederator for this group. This is my first group, and the rules are subject to change as I see the need.

Happy Drabbling!